BrainFit® Kindie is a unique Kindergarten with a state-of-the-art thematic curriculum developed 100% based on the latest neuroscience findings. We are different because:

  • We have specially-trained teachers who accelerate each student’s brain abilities, learning and achievement, because every child’s brain is unique.
  • We assess, track and train our students’ cognitive skills such as attention span, memory, sensory-motor processing and thinking speed. All through play and fun, not memory nor flash card drills.
  • We develop bilingualism through a fully immersive language environment.
  • We place a heavy emphasis on musical training – not the traditional music and movement lessons common in many preschools, but training our students to hone awareness, and be able to hear and play music at an early age.
  • We focus on visual art training to enhance the brain’s visualisation and aesthetic skills.
  • We build well-rounded preschoolers through a solid social-emotional curriculum that includes imparting practical life skills such as emotional regulation, social skills, mindfulness and a growth mindset.
  • We develop critical and creative thinking through our carefully-designed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) lessons.
  • We do all the above while ensuring our students continue to excel in the traditional literacy and numeracy subjects so that they are ready to transit successfully to Primary 1 after Kindergarten 2.

We are now accepting enrolments for Playgroup through Kindergarten 2 level students. Come visit to view our school and better understand our unique approach. Call us to schedule a school tour today!


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