Time to take a well-deserved break after all the academic drilling over the past school term. If you are looking for a fun-filled yet brain-enhancing programme for your child, consider our ACE the Brain Holiday Programme.

Activities for ACE the Brain will be centred around these three key goals for the brain:


Increase speed of thinking and information processing.


Increase focus and attention span.


Increase IQ and EQ skills.


ACE the Brain Holiday Programme is suitable for primary school-going children from 7 to 12 years old.


We are offering 1 and 2 week programmes to meet your child’s needs.

For Week 1 (4 half days/ 12 hours ) ACE the Brain Holiday programme, your child will participate in the following:

8 hours of basic brain acceleration training through fully personalised sensory-motor and visual to stimulate spatial IQ development. Some examples of activities:
  • Trampoline Fun: Motor and spatial planning
  • Speedy Balls: Eye-hand coordination and speed of response
  • Mat Control: Body awareness and movement execution
  • Table-top Stimulation: Eye tracking speed and visual perception
4 hours of brain concentration through fully personalised computer-based auditory and attention training to stimulate verbal IQ development. Some examples of activities:
  • Moon Ranch: Sustained attention to subtle auditory changes
  • Whalien Match: Discrimination and recall of auditory information
  • Space Commander: Following of verbal instructions
  • Ele-Bot: Processing of complex language patterns

For Week 2 (4 half days/ 12 hours) ACE the Brain Holiday programme, your child will participate in the following:

8 hours of advanced brain concentration training through fully personalised sensory-motor, visual, auditory and focus activities including:
  • Flash Back: Visual memory training
  • MemoLink: Memory learning strategies
  • MemoFocus: Concentration and auditory memory training
  • Reading Accelerated: Vocabulary and comprehension
4 hours of EQ and social-skills building activities through group-based learning, discussions and role play. Examples of activities:
  • Emotion Thermometer: Awareness of emotions in ourselves
  • Emotion Detective: Be a detective of others’ emotions
  • Being a Friend: Listening and communication skills
  • Stay Cool: Relaxation and emotional management

Please call us or send us a message to enquire.

Maximum class size is 12; Subjected to minimum numbers for class commencement. 

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