What is brain fitness?

Brain fitness refers to cognitive skills such as attention, memory and critical thinking abilities essential for learning.

Why is brain fitness important?

Cognitive skills are critical because not only do they correlate with academic results but also future career success. Furthermore, a recent study conducted by Harvard researchers found that while schools impart academic knowledge, they do not seem to impact cognitive development, highlighting the benefit of specific cognitive training.

Furthermore, scientists working on mapping human intelligence have recently discovered that both human general intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) involves a network of interconnections linked to key cognitive areas. This means that when we build brain fitness, we are strengthening the brain networks that make us more intelligent! At BrainFit Studio, these key cognitive skills are precisely the focus points in our training programmes.

When should we train our brains?

Anyone, from infants to seniors, can benefit from brain fitness training. However, younger brains often make more gains given the same training effort so we strongly recommend that brain training commences as early as possible.

Whole-Brain Training Approach

There are key “brain muscles” located in different regions of the brain which are responsible for a variety of important learning functions. We call them our “5 Brain Pillars” and we adopt a whole-brain training approach which entails two things: 1) Strengthening each of the pillars and 2) Wiring up or connecting the 5 pillars into one integrated and efficient learning engine.     

Our 5 Brain Pillars are:

  1. Vision – Important for handwriting, copying, attentiveness in detailed work, visualization and subjects like Math, Chinese and Art  
  2. Listening – Important for listening memory, following of instructions, language learning, communication skills, reading and comprehension
  3. Focus – Important for concentration, ability to beat distractions and wandering thoughts, timely completion of work, impulse control and mental stamina  
  4. Moves – Important for sensory integration, posture, balance, coordination, learning and execution speed and reaction times  
  5. Emotions – Important for emotional steadiness under pressure, self-management of emotions, inter-personal/ social skills, resilience and grit

Personalized Approach

We believe every brain is unique, hence our signature personalised approach is essential for optimal results.

Cognitive Profiling:

All our students receive one-to-one cognitive standardised test profiling at the beginning and at regular intervals during the course of brain fitness training.

Personalised Programmes:

  • BrainFit® Scholar SMART Workout™ involves 90% personalised activities and 10% class-based activities (social-emotional learning).
  • BrainFit® Junior SMART Prep™ involves 60% personalized activities and 40% class-based activities (to ensure on-track milestone and social-emotional development)
  • BrainFit® Baby SMART Play™ involves 10% personalized activities and 90% class-based activities (for wide cognitive exposure and social-emotional development using a play-based approach). Personalisation is achieved through home activities with parents using our BrainFit Baby App to ensure on-track milestone development.